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Membership Benefits

Who can Join?

Membership is open to
-Current NC Notaries
-Notaries Ex Officio:
*Register of Deeds
*Clerk of Courts
*Secretary of State Employees

Are you A Notary Instructor, Register of Deeds, Clerk of Court, or Secretary of State Employee?

from your work email prior to joining for additional Savings

Why Should I join?

-Savings on Annual Conference
-Membership Card
-NCNA Lapel Pin*
-Access to Members Only Sections
-Notification of changes to Notary Statute
*New members only

Membership Drive
ends December 31, 2023

Starts November 1, 2023
Use the following coupon codes to save on your membership dues.

1 Year Save $10.00 Code: NCNA1YR
2 Years Save $20.00 Code: NCNA2YR
3 Years Save $28.50 Code: NCNA3YR

4 Years Save $36.00 Code: NCNA4YR
5 Years Save $42.50 Code: NCNA5YR

*Coupon Code must be used at checkout. Codes cannot be used once the purchase has been completed and payment made. If you're having problems with the discount code do not checkout and send an email to

  • NCNA 1 Yr Membership

    Valid for one year
    • 1 Year Membership
  • NCNA 2 Yr Membership

    Valid for 2 years
    • Best Value

      NCNA 5 Yr Membership

      15% Savings
      Valid for 5 years
      • NCNA 3 Yr Membership

        5% Savings
        Valid for 3 years
        • NCNA 4 Yr Membership

          10% Savings
          Valid for 4 years

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