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2023 Educational Scholarship Winners


The Honorable Secretary of State Elaine F. Marshall for the "Membership" Brandon Crump (Right)

the late, Dennis W. "Bud" Cameron for "Merit"- Olivia Stallworth (Left)

the late, Woodrow Franklin “Jack” Penny for "Need" - Grant Styers (not pictured)


In 2023, NCNA expanded the scholarship program by adding two more scholarships for a total of three. These scholarships will be awarded to winning applicants at the Annual Conference in Charlotte, NC on August 2, 2024, during the Meet & Greet
One scholarship will be awarded based on Need, to help the student with many siblings who might not otherwise be able to achieve their dreams. The second scholarship will be based on Merit. This would be the student who has been able to achieve a very high GPA during their high school and/or college years and have been able to participate in community activities. The third scholarship will be reserved for members who find themselves Seeking Higher Education, whether that be to advance their degree or for a career path change. 
Members of the North Carolina Notary Association and their immediate families are eligible to apply for the three scholarships. Nothing would prevent someone from applying for more than one category. 

Click Apply Now to complete the application by June 15, 2024.

If you would like to donate towards the scholarships program you can do so by completing the "Donate Now" to the right or mailing a check earmarked for scholarships to 9565 Cliffdale Rd #155 Fayetteville, NC 28304.

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