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NCNA Officers


Crystal Gilliard Vice President


Jonathan L. Brown Guerrero
Treasurer & Legislative Envoy

Swearing in

Judy Chapman being sworn in as president by NCNA Member Brandon Crump

The North Carolina Notary Association is a  non-profit North Carolina Corporation organized to benefit all notaries in North Carolina. 
Our purpose is promotion of excellence in  Notary work, encourage continued education and information to Notaries and work towards those objectives that are in the best interest of notaries, and the public that they serve across the State. 


North Carolina Notaries Public are public  officials commissioned by the North Carolina Secretary of State to perform duties as  specified by the North Carolina General  Statues.  A notary’s primary function is to  prevent fraud and forgery.  The responsibilities and liabilities of this public position are  significant.  A Notary’s duties are limited to  performing: 

•    Acknowledgments
•    Oaths and Affirmations
•    Verifications and Proofs

Crystal Gillard, Andrea Betaudier, and Alma Jones Being sworn in As Vice President, Secretary, and Historian Respectively

Swearing in 1
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